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Two Strategies for Reducing B2B Credit Card Acceptance Costs
There are two tactics every business should employ to help
Understanding and Tracking Card Payment Acceptance Costs
Faster Cash Flow and Lower Payment Costs with Same Day ACH

Cash flow management and forecasting is an essential task in every Treasury Department and Same Day ACH can help you better manage and enhance these processes.


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Understanding the Cost of Card Payments Webinar Recording
Listen to the recording of our most recent Webinar to learn the key components of card acceptance costs and strategies to optimize and reduce these costs.
White Paper: Understanding the Cost of Processing Card Payments

By knowing your interchange, dues/assessments and acquirer fees, businesses can determine most of the all-in costs for card processing. And knowing this information can help you cut costs and improve your bottom line. 

Same Day ACH for Businesses Essentials Guide
Same Day ACH, a faster payments solution, affords businesses new opportunities to reduce costs, increase cash flow, and improve processes.