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Yes, Virginia, There Is International ACH

By Robert Unger

With apologies to the famous newsman Francis Pharcellus Church and his column on Santa Claus, which appeared in New York’s “Sun” newspaper Sept. 21, 1897).

DEAR EDITOR: I am 38 years old.  Some of my accounts payable and receivable friends say there is no such thing as International ACH, and that I have to make and receive international payments by check, wire or correspondent banking.  A colleague says, ‘If you see it in The Payments Help Desk blog it’s so.’  Please tell me the truth; does International ACH exist?

Virginia (the sender and receiver of international payments in my company) 

VIRGINIA, your accounts payable friends are wrong – there is International ACH!  But you’re not alone in thinking otherwise; lots of folks aren’t aware that International ACH is a payment option, and that it’s really easy to send an International ACH payment.

For example, FedGlobal ACH Payments offers an efficient means for sending and/or receiving cross-border payments via the ACH Network to more than 25 countries around the world, plus debit payments to Canada only.  The service for international ACH transfers also makes it really easy for banks to help customers use International ACH, often only requiring secure credentials and a web browser to initiate one, with really no additional requirements for receiving one.

International ACH Transactions (IATs) provide a cost-effective method for any-sized business to make regular payments such as payroll, accounts payable, dividends and expense reimbursement to vendors, businesses, consumers and employees in other participating countries.

International ACH literally “saved” Propio Language Services, a small, Kansas-based company that provides interpreting and translation services in more than 200 languages for thousands of organizations.  Propio has translators around the globe, and had tremendous difficulty getting funds to them, until they stumbled on the International ACH payment option.

Read the case study “International ACH Payments Made Easy” to learn more about Propio’s predicament, and how “International ACH saved” the company. 

Download the Case Study 

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